Success for Tenuta del Meriggio at The Leopard at Café des Artistes in NY

Great success was achieved by Tenuta del Meriggio among American journalists and importers at The Leopard at Café des Artistes in New York on December 2nd.

The event, a living part of the project “I vini del Meriggio in America” (The Afternoon Wines in America), aimed at introducing Irpinia’s oenological excellence to the US market, was masterfully organized and curated by Susannah Gold.

The meeting was opened by a speech by Bruno Pizza, owner of Tenuta del Meriggio, who thanked his wife Nunzia Guerriero for her fundamental contribution in this adventure.

Completing the delegation that arrived overseas were also the very young Emilia Pizza and Paolo Sibillo, commercial director, who actively participated in the presentation and promotion of the wines to the guests.

In addition to the classic and already established labels (think of Fiano di Avellino DOCG 2018 – Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso), the event offered the limelight to the brand new Tenuta del Meriggio selections, whose release is scheduled for next year:

  • Aura Levis – Irpinia Greco Spumante DOC Brut – Produced by NV Charmat method with 70% Greco and 30% Code di Volpe
  • Colle delle Ginestre – Selection Fiano di Avellino 100% from the vineyards of Candida
  • Colle dei Lauri – 100% Greek Selection of Tuff from Agro di Tufo and Santa Paolina

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