Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso

Fiano di Avellino ’17 Tenuta del Meriggio Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso

Campania on the shields to the 2019 edition of the famous guide “Wines of Italy” by Gambero Rosso.

In the list of the Tre Bicchieri recognized to Campania, is Irpinia to lead the ranking with as many as 10 top prize winners.

A great success for the Campania wine, therefore, well summed up in these words by Gambero Rosso himself:

If for our ancestors there Campania was “felix”, for the modern gastronomy and wine lovers not we can use the same adjective … the region is pervaded by a climate of enthusiasm and creativity that is only destined to grow in the future … 23 are the award-winning labels, although 50 other wines have participated in the our finals and have been ranked at a gluing by the award-winners.” With immense satisfaction, Tenuta del Meriggio is also celebrating the Three Glasses at the Fiano di Avellino ’17

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